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  • Man with pen and paper
    Ten Key Words Every Resume Should Include
    Lida Citroën
    Your resume will play a critical role in your military to civilian career transition. It describes your past experiences, trai...
  • Retired Colonel John Buckley
    How to Write an Effective Resume|
    Veteran job seekers are sometimes left wondering how to handle the information on their resumes. Follow these tips to make your...
  • ResumeMistakes1200
    5 Resume Blunders to Avoid
    Lida Citroën
    Your resume is a form of self-marketing. It is not intended to just be a laundry list of your past experiences.
  • reviewing a resume
    The Importance of an Updated Resume
    Lida Citroën
    Once you land a job after your military career, you might feel it’s time to relax and put your resume away. After all, you’re ...
  • Man with pen and paper
    20 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out
    Lida Citroën
    Here are 20 of the best tips I’ve found for a stand out resume in the military-to-civilian transition.