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2nd Airman Makes Plea Agreement in Sex Abuse Case

(Stars and Stripes photo/Jessica Bidwell)
(Stars and Stripes photo/Jessica Bidwell)

DOVER, Del. -- A second airman at Dover Air Force Base, charged with sexually abusing a teenage runaway, has reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors.

Court records show a change-of-plea hearing is scheduled Wednesday for 25-year-old Dalian Washington of Philadelphia. He is charged with sex abuse of a minor and sex trafficking of a child.

Another airman, 21-year-old Akeem Beazer of Pompano Beach, Florida, pleaded guilty last week to sex abuse of a minor. He faces up to 15 years in prison at his sentencing on Jan. 3.

The two were arrested after the girl told a social worker in March that she had stayed on the military base and had sex with service members.

Court records indicate that the girl had a troubled home life and often lived on the street.

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